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Client Testimonials



Thanks for your quick follow through. We'll definitely keep you in mind when we get to needing to replace the roof. If you can forward pictures through e-mail, that would be appreciated. If you have a charge for those repairs, I can forward you a check this next week.

Also, thanks for leaving your packet. I enjoyed looking through it and can tell you care about quality and a relationship with people. My wife and I value that same idea very much.


Clayton Ash, Principal

VanGorden Elementary School

(513) 644-1150



Jeff, thanks again for having Brian paint the kitchen ceiling and thank you for pu9ng up my basket. It is one of my favorite things about the house now.

The party went great last night and everyone LOVED the house. They couldn’t get over how beauFful it was parFcularly the ones that saw it at the beginning.

I got a ton of comments on the master bathroom, the woodwork (the wainscot in the dining room and the mantle were parFcular favorites) and I know you’re going to love this – the farmhouse sink.  Some were even taking pictures of different features as ideas for their own homes. Although several friends already have used you before, I wish I’d had some cards of yours so I could have handed them out. We have to remember that for next Fme!


Merry Christmas! Stephne, West Chester ________________________________________________________________





I appreciate your quick response to my call and the care you took with the porch. I'll have a check in the mail tomorrow. One of the things that impressed me when you first came over to the house to check the roof was the binder you left. My wife and I liked how you stated you wanted to get to know your clients and treat them like friends (something like that). That idea is exactly what we prefer when work is done on the house. Thanks again!



ClaytonAsh, Landen




The deck looks so so so so good. John and I are both pleased. I don't know why we were surprised because everything you guys have done here has turned out better than good!!! The new deck railing is a little lower than the old one so it makes the deck look lots bigger and Scott was right about the posts!!!! They look great against the brick house. My Dad can't wait to see it!!!!


Connie Karrer, Cinn.




My Dad, friends and family all saw the deck this weekend and it got rave reviews!!! We really love it ... so much more than we thought!!!



Connie Karrer, Cinn.




Hi Jeff!


Thanks, again, for doing such great work- I will definately keep referring you out to other people.

Julie, Mason



I appreciate the work that you performed. You are a class act and very

professional. Thank you. Our kids will really enjoy next summer!


Mike Sutton, Mason



Hi Jeff,

The lights are all working and look just as I had hoped they would. Bill said he thinks they make the house look bigger. They are really an enhancement. I really like them! I appreciate you working me in; I know you are very busy, and I really appreciate it.


Thanks again! Dianne, Mason



Just wanted to let you guys know . . .

The appraiser went through the house this morning and said that he was “thoroughly impressed.” He said that he goes through tons of homes each week and it’s really difficult to impress him. He was not expecFng to see a house this nice in this neighborhood. The exterior sFll in its original condiFon was very deceiving. He just kept on complimenFng us.

I told him that the siding and shingles were ready to go on this spring so the outside would be as impressive as the inside. He said, “job well done.”

Thanks Jeff! See you in the spring!


Stephne, West Chester




I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent job on the bathroom. Really nice work and you guys are a pleasure to deal with. Lynn is real happy – hence I’m happy.

Thanks again, Jay, Cinn.


Thanks Jeff. I really appreciate that you fix the 'hidden' problems, where as some contractors may not bring that type of stuff to my attention. The work looks great.


Tom. P. West Chester\



 Hi Jeff,

Thank you for all your hard work, the house looks great! I know the process wasn't the smoothest with delays and stuff that we could control, but I appreciate you working your schedule around. You can surely use me as a reference and I will let anyone know of your quality work.







Jeff, as we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, I had to e-mail you and your Team and let you know how thankful I am for you and this beauFful home we live in.

Every night when I come home from work, I am greeted by my “liYle” coYage in the woods. The new siding looks absolutely stunning at night with just the yard lights on. We painted the front door red and it is such a perfect punch of color to the front of the house. I never Fre of looking at it.

Today while it’s cold and wet outside, I am warm and cozy inside. I LOVE my house. I love the fireplace and the presence it has in the living room. We have a fire just about every night and it couldn’t be more perfect. I love, love, love my kitchen and I so enjoy cooking in it. I’m thankful that my laundry room is right off my bedroom and not in the basement. I could spend hours in the bathroom and never get Fred of how perfect it is. I love how organized my closet is! I love that you thought of creaFng a closet for my vacuum cleaner in the perfect spot in the house. That would have been an unused space. What a waste! We spend hours on the back porch. It is probably one of my most favorite spots to sit and have my coffee. And it makes the back of the house look so rich and immense.

I wouldn’t have chosen anything different. I love every square inch of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Have a great holiday!


Stephne Miller, West Chester ___________________________________________________________________



Hi Jeff,

I just did a load of laundry, ironed my clothes for tomorrow and brushed my teeth without taking more than 5 steps to do everything. I am loving life!!


Thanks again for your experFse and aYenFon to every detail. I so appreciate everything you and Stacy did. The bathroom is fabulous. You both should be very proud of a job WELL done!


See you around,

KaFe, Loveland





John took his first shower last night. He loved it. He was surprised that he doesn't have to use a bath mat inside it and He was amazed at the increased space. My thoughts are : I am amazed you guys were able to take that cramped little shoe box of a room and make it so attractive. Plus, for me the toilet and grab bar are perfectly placed and coming in handy! My thoughts are: you guys are the best.


Thanks again

Connie, Cinn.